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How to protect a network, transmission, data ?

  • Use a firewall, an anti-virus, back up your system regularly, use a secure disk system for your data.
  • Use secure protocols such as HTTPs, FTPs, IMAPs, POPs, SMTPs

Site user blocks : Account info / user rights / summary
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Configurer un VPN client : IPSec + XL2TP

of this section.. Configurer un VPN client : IPSec + XL2TP Comment configurer un client VPN par les protocoles IPSec et XL2TP.
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DésActiver l'IPv6 et tunnels 6to4, Teredo, ISATAP

of this section.. Utiliser ou non l'IPv6 et les tunnels dans windows seven.

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Firefox Nighlty

Our friends from Framasoft are interested in Mozilla and asked them questions about Nightly: Firefox Night-club, free entry !


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