How to make his RaspBerry PI ?

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The Raspberry Pi is an ARM-based single-board nano-computer designed by professors in the Computer Science Department at Cambridge University as part of the Raspberry Pi3 Foundation.

This computer, the size of a credit card, is intended to encourage the learning of computer programming3; it allows the execution of several variants of the free GNU / Linux operating system, including Debian, and compatible software. But it also works with Microsoft Windows operating system: Windows 10 IoT Core4, that of Google Android Pi5 and even a version of the OS / MVT of IBM accompanied by the APL06 system.

It is supplied bare, that is to say the motherboard alone, without case, power supply, keyboard, mouse or display, with the aim of reducing costs and allowing the use of recovery material. However, "kits" grouping together the "all in one" are available on the web from just a few tens of euros.

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