API (Application Programming Interface) Google

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Applications Programing Interfaces Google

Google APIs are services offered by Google to allow other Web Masters to interact with our Google data from their own websites.

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Comment-faire pour déployer son application sur google

Comment faire pour déployer son application dans le Google Cloud grâce à Google App Engine.

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  • Publish : : Sunday 05 february 2017
  • Modification : Sunday 05 february 2017


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Connectez-vous sur le Google Cloud SHell.

gcloud auth list

Script avec 5 lignes

00112:26:34 o_romain_jaillet@G0ZW3B:~ $  gcloud auth list
002Credentialed accounts:
003- o.romain.jaillet(AT)lab3w(DOT)fr (active)
004To set the active account, run:
005$ gcloud config set account ``ACCOUNT''


gcloud config set project zw3b-app

gcloud config set app docker_build local

gcloud projects list

Script avec 4 lignes

00111:15:15 o_romain_jaillet@G0ZW3B:~/src/zw3b-app/gcloud $ gcloud projects list
003zw3b-app     ZW3B-App     608245778394
004zw3b-videos  ZW3B-Videos  504919908947

gcloud init

Script avec 68 lignes

00112:27:12 o_romain_jaillet@G0ZW3B:~ $ gcloud init
002Welcome! This command will take you through the configuration of gcloud.
004Settings from your current configuration [cloudshell-27172] are:
005Your active configuration is: [cloudshell-27172]
007docker_build = local
008suppress_change_warning = True
010disable_update_check = True
012gce_metadata_read_timeout_sec = 5
014account = o.romain.jaillet(AT)lab3w(DOT)fr
015check_gce_metadata = False
016disable_usage_reporting = False
017project = polar-terminal-124510
019environment = devshell
020Pick configuration to use:
021[1] Re-initialize this configuration [cloudshell-27172] with new settings 
022[2] Create a new configuration
023Please enter your numeric choice:  1
024Your current configuration has been set to: [cloudshell-27172]
025Pick credentials to use:
026[1] o.romain.jaillet(AT)lab3w(DOT)fr
027[2] Log in with new credentials
028Please enter your numeric choice:  1
029You are now logged in as: [o.romain.jaillet(AT)lab3w(DOT)fr]
030Pick cloud project to use: 
031[1] [zw3b-app]
032[2] [zw3b-videos]
033Please enter your numeric choice:  1
035Your current project has been set to: [zw3b-app].
036Not setting default zone/region (this feature makes it easier to use
037[gcloud compute] by setting an appropriate default value for the
038--zone and --region flag).
039See https://cloud.google.com/compute/docs/gcloud-compute section on how to set
040default compute region and zone manually. If you would like [gcloud init] to be
041able to do this for you the next time you run it, make sure the
042Compute Engine API is enabled for your project on the
043https://console.developers.google.com/apis page.
044Do you want to use Google's source hosting (see 
045"https://cloud.google.com/source-repositories/docs/") (Y/n)?  
046This project has one or more associated Git repositories.
047Pick Git repository to clone to your local machine:
048[1] [default]
049[2] Do not clone
050Please enter your numeric choice:  
051Please enter a value between 1 and 2:  2
052gcloud has now been configured!
053You can use [gcloud config] to change more gcloud settings.
054Your active configuration is: [cloudshell-27172]
056docker_build = local
057suppress_change_warning = True
059disable_update_check = True
061gce_metadata_read_timeout_sec = 5
063account = o.romain.jaillet(AT)lab3w(DOT)fr
064check_gce_metadata = False
065disable_usage_reporting = False
066project = zw3b-app
068environment = devshell

gcloud info

Script avec 56 lignes

00110:40:36 o_romain_jaillet@G0ZW3B:~/src/zw3b-app/gcloud $ gcloud info
002Google Cloud SDK [107.0.0]
003Platform: [Linux, x86_64]
004Python Version: [2.7.9 (default, Mar  1 2015, 12:57:24)  [GCC 4.9.2]]
005Python Location: [/usr/bin/python2]
006Site Packages: [Disabled]
007Installation Root: [/google/google-cloud-sdk]
008Installed Components:
009core: [2016.04.21]
010app-engine-python: [1.9.36]
011core-nix: [2016.03.28]
012pubsub-emulator: [2016.02.22]
013kubectl: []
014app-engine-java: [1.9.36]
015gcloud: []
016gsutil-nix: [4.18]
017app-engine-php: [ ]
018beta: [2016.01.12]
019gsutil: [4.19]
020bq: [2.0.24]
021alpha: [2016.01.12]
022gcd-emulator: [v1beta3-1.0.0]
023kubectl-linux-x86_64: [1.2.2]
024bq-nix: [2.0.24]
025System PATH: [/google/google-cloud-sdk/bin:/usr/local/nvm/versions/node/v0.12.7/bin:/home/o_romain_jaillet/gopath/bin:/google
028Cloud SDK on PATH: [True]
029WARNING: There are old versions of the Google Cloud Platform tools on your system PATH.
032Installation Properties: [/google/google-cloud-sdk/properties]
033User Config Directory: [/tmp/tmp.mC0ME4DtPF]
034Active Configuration Name: [cloudshell-30054]
035Active Configuration Path: [/tmp/tmp.mC0ME4DtPF/configurations/config_cloudshell-30054]
036Account: [o.romain.jaillet(AT)lab3w(DOT)fr]
037Project: [zw3b-app]
038Current Properties:
040  environment: [devshell]
042  project: [zw3b-app]
043  check_gce_metadata: [False]
044  account: [o.romain.jaillet(AT)lab3w(DOT)fr]
045  disable_usage_reporting: [False]
047  use_gsutil: [true]
048  use_cloud_build: [True]
049  suppress_change_warning: [True]
051  gce_metadata_read_timeout_sec: [5]
053  disable_update_check: [True]
054Logs Directory: [/tmp/tmp.mC0ME4DtPF/logs]
055Last Log File: [/tmp/tmp.mC0ME4DtPF/logs/2016.05.03/]
05610:41:57 o_romain_jaillet@G0ZW3B:~/src/zw3b-app/gcloud $

Pour mettre à jour votre installation du SDK Google à la dernière version [99.0.0], faites :

gcloud components update

gcloud components list

Script avec 20 lignes

00112:51:35 o_romain_jaillet@G0ZW3B:~ $ gcloud components list
002Your current Cloud SDK version is: 99.0.0
003The latest available version is: 99.0.0
005Š                                  Components                                 Š
007Š   Status  Š               Name              Š         ID        Š    Size   Š
009Š Installed Š BigQuery Command Line Tool      Š bq                Š   < 1 MiB Š
010Š Installed Š Cloud Datastore Emulator        Š gcd-emulator      Š  38.1 MiB Š
011Š Installed Š Cloud Pub/Sub Emulator          Š pubsub-emulator   Š  10.1 MiB Š
012Š Installed Š Cloud SDK Core Libraries        Š core              Š   3.9 MiB Š
013Š Installed Š Cloud Storage Command Line Tool Š gsutil            Š   2.6 MiB Š
014Š Installed Š Default set of gcloud commands  Š gcloud            Š           Š
015Š Installed Š gcloud Alpha Commands           Š alpha             Š   < 1 MiB Š
016Š Installed Š gcloud Beta Commands            Š beta              Š   < 1 MiB Š
017Š Installed Š gcloud app Java Extensions      Š app-engine-java   Š 101.4 MiB Š
018Š Installed Š gcloud app Python Extensions    Š app-engine-python Š   7.2 MiB Š
019Š Installed Š kubectl                         Š kubectl           Š   5.2 MiB Š

Pour installer ou supprimer un component sur SDK version, faites :

gcloud components install COMPONENT_ID
gcloud components remove COMPONENT_ID

Déployer une application sur Google Cloud

Découvrez comment créer et déployer des applications sur App Engine avec une simple application "Hello World'.

Actuellement, Google App Engine nous propose de développer des applications avec les languages suivant :

appcfg.py -A zw3b-app update app.yaml

Si vous ne connaissez pas App Engine, commencez sur cette page.


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